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Do you need Refuge?

Does the person you live with: Do you feel: You can obtain a fact sheet test Are you being abused? from

If the answer is YES to some of these questions, you could be living with physical and/or emotional abuse

Myths of Family Violence

These myths protect the abuser. The abusers can be husbands, de facto husbands, boyfriends, and lovers both male and female. Brothers, fathers, uncles, neighbours, workers, professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

They are from all strata of society, across all socio-economic groups and In all racial and cultural groups.

Our society finds it easier to blame the victim than to address the real issue : the abuser's misuse of power and control.

We do not judge or blame the victim for what has happened. We recognise the cycle of family violence can be broken and our work is geared towards this as well as to provide protection for the women and children affected.

Thinking about leaving?

It's very common for women to leave their abuser several times before they eventually leave. It often takes between 4-7 times.

Staying with an abuser is likely to get harder to cope with and more dangerous for you and your children as time goes on.

The reason you leave the first time will almost always be the same reason you leave for the last time.

Contact us here for advice.

Safety Plan for leaving

If it's safe, get together a bag that you can leave with a friend or whanau/family member, including:

If it is safe talk to your friends and neighbours. Ask them to ring the Police if they hear anything.

If you do not want the abuser to know you have rung Women's Refuge, just pick up the phone and push any number afterwards and then they will not be able to use Redial.

To avoid caller display - using TelstraClear dial*32 & other phone system dial 0197 before the phone number.

Plan a safe time to leave

Safety plan for staying

Safety Plan when returning to the community


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